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Why therapy?

People come along to therapy for all kinds of reasons. While some people may be seeking help for a specific problem, others have a more vague sense that something is not quite right in their lives. In all cases, though, those who come to therapy are seeking to change something about the way their lives are going.

How do I choose a Therapist?

It is important that you choose a therapist who is registered, qualified, and appropriately experienced, but it is also highly important that you select someone you feel comfortable with and can develop a good relationship with. Research shows that one of the most important variables contributing to change and growth in psychotherapy is the therapy relationship. It is highly important that you feel comfortable with the therapist that you are working with.

What can I expect?

The prospect of coming along to therapy can be unnerving for some. This is understandable given that we don’t usually speak with a stranger about personal matters. It might help to know that your therapist will listen with an accepting and understanding ear.

The first session is largely about you and your therapist getting to know each other. You will be asked about what brings you to therapy and what you feel is wrong in your life. Your therapist will also ask a little about your background, including your childhood, education, relationships, and your current living situation. The first session is also a good opportunity for you to ask any questions or express any concerns you may have.

How long will it take?

It is difficult to say, with certainty, how long therapy will take as it tends to vary depending on the issue and your individual circumstances. It’s important to recognise that therapy is not a quick fix, and it does take time, but many people begin to experience some relief within the first few sessions.

What does it cost?

The fees for each session range from $160-$170 depending on the time of your appointment. Payment can be made by cash, Master or Visa card, or eftpos. Discounts are available for student and pension card holders, and Medicare rebates may apply if you have a referral from your GP.

Can I try out a session to see what I think?

Of course! You’re not locked into anything. Choosing a psychologist is a very important and personal decision, and persisting with someone you don’t quite ‘click’ with could compromise your progress. It’s important that you feel connected to, and understood by your psychologist within the first few sessions.

Do I need a referral from my GP?

You do not need a referral to see a psychologist. However, under the Better Access Scheme, a referral from your GP may enable you to claim Medicare rebates.